What is Third-Party Reproduction?

Third-party reproduction is the use of gametes (oocytes, sperm) or embryos that are provided by (donated from) another person (i.e., third party). It is also the use of gestational surrogacy, where another party carries a pregnancy, conceived with eggs or sperm from any source.

Individuals and couples will opt for egg donation, sperm donation, or gestational surrogacy, when the use of their own gametes/uterus is not possible (e.g., due to age, infertility, single parenting, LGBTQ family building).

Although many families are successfully created every day, it can bring about certain considerations for the child and for the family. Third-party reproduction counselling provides support, information, and resources to help you make this a positive and successful experience.

Third-Party Reproduction Counselling Can Assist You To:

  • Make the decision of whether third-party reproduction is the option for you, either as an intended parent (IP),  as a donor, or as a gestational surrogate (GC)
  • Prepare for your upcoming fertility treatment (IUI, IVF) as an IP, GC, or donor
  • Decide on what to look for in a donor or surrogate/gestational carrier
  • Inform your children of their conception or birth story
  • Inform friends and family of your plans
  • Manage the information between all parties
  • Mange relationships, boundaries, and expectations between all parties
  • Feel more attached and bonded to your child, whether you have a genetic connection or not
  • Prepare to let go of attachment, if a donor or surrogate
  • Have as positive and successful an experience as possible

Third-Party Reproduction Sessions for Fertility Clinics:

A third-party reproduction counselling session is required by your fertility/IVF clinic and by Health Canada, whenever you are pursuing egg/sperm/embryo donation or surrogacy. This is the case whether you are the intended parent(s) or the intended donor/gestational carrier. If you know the third-party (e.g., if the donor/surrogate/intended parent is a friend or relative), they will need to attend their own separate session. Legal partners (i.e., common-law, married) are required to attend sessions.

Holly Yager, M.Ed. is a qualified and experienced fertility counsellor, who provides third-party counselling and reports to all fertility clinics in British Columbia, as well as to clinics in parts of the US and the rest of Canada. Holly Yager follows best practice guidelines set by the Canadian Fertility & Andrology Society (CFAS) and the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) to provide clients with evidence-based information, recommendations, and support.

The cost for this one-hour session is $180 (including the report and GST). The fee is set according to BC Association of Clinical Counsellors (BCACC) guidelines. After the session is completed, a short report is sent to your fertility clinic. Holly Yager is a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC #2981) and a Canadian Certified Counsellor (CCC#3009), which means that you can submit your receipt to your extended health care benefits plan for reimbursement.

Make an appointment with Holly Yager for Third-Party Reproduction Counselling:

  • Book appointments by email, or by calling 604-568-6765.
  • Please note that Holly is not available for online booking. Please email or call to set up an appointment and our office assistant will be pleased to find you an appointment date and time.
  • Holly is typically in the office on Wednesdays (230pm-830pm), Thursdays (630pm-830-pm), and Fridays (830am-230pm), but hours may vary.
  • In some circumstances, this session can be done remotely, via Skype or Zoom.